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Big Valley Aviation, Inc. was started in 1975 to address the offtimes specialized and unique maintenance and overhaul needs of regional helicopters and fixed wing aircraft.


Big Valley Aviation, Inc., has 42 years of accident free history - not a single accident has been attributed to BVA maintenance or overhaul error! Several BVA technicians have been awarded the Helicopter Association International (HAI) Aviation Technician Safety Award for error free service. All A&P technicians have received resident/facility training for at least one helicopter and engine manufacturer (most have two or more).
Customer Service Facility and Part Sales
Customer Service Facility for:
  • Airbus AS350-AS355-EC120-B0105-BK117/EC145
  • MD Helicopters 369 Series
  • Robinson R22
  • Scott’s Bell 47
Provide Factory Service for:
  • Bell Helicopters, Enstrom Helicopters, Schweizer Helicopters
  • Fixed Wing Maintenance and Repairs
  • Contract Maintenance Services
  • Pre-Buy Inspections
  • NDT Inspections
  • Battery Service
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